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Our mission is to bridge the gap between knowing health philosophy and taking action. We use the latest health technology to create lasting results for our patients.

Dr. Joe is 71 and has run over 40,000 miles, cycled countless routes, and climbed mountain peaks.

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For 50 years Dr. Joe has learning about this health philosophy: only a healthy body can produce positive energy.

What Sets Pure Light Apart

We use Infrared Light Therapy and Gentle Chiropractic Care to Significantly Reduce Pain and Disability. 

Degenerative inflammatory disease can affect the entire joint and is characterized by progressive loss of cartilage and is associated with pain, disability, and reduced quality of life. Increased inflammatory activity is associated with higher pain intensity and more rapid disease progression.

Infrared Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, which has been reported to induce anti-inflammatory effects. Most professional sports teams use Laser Light Therapy. The laser helps reduce pain and inflammation while speeding up recovery time for injury and post-surgery. The laser stimulates the cell’s mitochondria to release their ATP. T(Click Here to Read the PMC PubMed Central Study)

Gentle chiropractic care is more comfortable and provides maximum benefit from minimal visits. It replaces high-velocity adjustments with low-velocity, low amplitude manipulations and is performed with a gentle touch, targeting a specific area. 

Life Changing Results

Watch the videos below to hear incredible stories of how gentle chiropractic care and infrared therapy helped patients get their lives back!